Please consider helping more individuals like Senzo and Mthoko realise their dream of changing and improving their lives by donating to our non-profit organisation.

Make a difference by Donating

Working towards the long-term sustainability of Zikulise is an on-going imperative. One of the key success factors for community support organisations is the ability to build sufficient reserves. Through your financial support, Zikulise can not only fund its day to day operations but also build up a reserve: a sign of a healthy organisation that is likely to be around well into the future, continuing to serve the community with excellence.


Zikulise is a registered beneficiary of the Woolworths MySchool fundraising programme. So, each time you swipe your Woolworths MySchool card at Woolies or their participating partners and you have nominated us as a beneficiary, Woolworths donates a small portion of the value of your purchase to Zikulise.

To update your Profile on the MySchool website and nominate Zikulise as your beneficiary, go to You can also apply for a MySchool card at a Woolies store or at nominating Zikulise.

Please consider applying for a MySchool card if you haven’t yet got one as every little bit helps.